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Eliana Venier 創立品牌Alienina 於意大利,靈感來自於希望美麗事物也“應該”同時可以對環境友善的方式,提供可持續性使用的包包,使用天然纖維,如 航海繩,油燈中的繩蕊,全手工編製,立體造型並強調對環保友善的加持,Alienina 擄獲了大家對夏天包包的選擇。

Eliana Venier founded Alienina based on the idea that beautifully crafted accessories can and should be environmentally sustainable. Inspired by both natural and architectural forms, the pieces are handmade in Italy from alternative materials that range from sailing rope to the wicks of oil lamps. The woven cotton bags in our edit are perfect for summer.

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