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Anne Thomas 於法國里昂創立同名鞋履品牌,靈感來自於她對平底鞋的熱愛,結合英式yuppie與parisian的女性優雅,提供女性們極簡優雅但卻帶著點中性的選擇,義大利半手工製造,提供在都會的女性們一點獨立思考的空間,並選擇一雙好鞋子帶著你環遊世界。

Self-taught designer Anne Thomas began to gain recognition for her creative ceramic jewelry in 2005. Based in Lyon, Anne won first prize of The Week of Young Designers competition, organized by Le Printemps. The adventure really began with the success of her corner in the department store.

In 2013, Anne Thomas followed her desire to experiment with a new accessory: feminine footwear, her other guilty pleasure. As lover of flats, it seemed natural for the designer to create a line of masculine feminine classics, inspired by the British style and revisited with a Parisian twist. The first collections met its French public, and even more other countries – USA and Asia – where the French design, the quality of the materials and fabrication are particularly sought after. Today the range has stretched out to pumps and boots with small and medium heels, combining classic and avant-garde.

The year 2017 marks a big change with the opening of two first shops in Paris and Lyon, where a large range of Anne Thomas’ creations, as well as a selection of international designers are available.

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