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一個舞者的日常服裝該怎麼搭配?舞衣外穿的可能性有多少? GENIE BOUTIQUE 不只是一間關於芭蕾舞衣的選貨店,我們提供您對於服裝的品味,對於布料的要求,對於環保的貢獻。


The journey of wellbeing starts from within. Begins with self-care and pursues the balance

between the mind, body and spirit. Ends with a personal state of equilibrium and harmony.


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Welcome to the world of GÉNIE. Hope you will having fun to explore our online store. If you have general questions or comments, please contact us by email.



What we wear represents and reflects who we are and how we position ourselves in this modern world. The earth never fails to inspire the world with the attitudes towards to what is important to every creature. It is an attitude without compromises and energy without no love.We are humbled by daily experiences to learn nothing is immortal and we cherish every inspirations from Nature. Genie aims to bring such attitude in fashion to all of you; full of inspiration without compromises and being loved.

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