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What we wear represents and reflects who we are and how we position ourselves in this modern world. The earth never fails to inspire the world with the attitudes towards to what is important to every creature. It is an attitude without compromises and energy without no love.We are humbled by daily experiences to learn nothing is immortal and we cherish every inspirations from Nature. Genie aims to bring such attitude in fashion to all of you; full of inspiration without compromises and being loved.

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Dress Mindfully


The journey of wellbeing starts from within. Begins with self-care and pursues the balance between the mind, body and spirit. Ends with a personal state of equilibrium and harmony.


Be mindful of your desires. Know what you are wearing and wear them proudly because each one of us is an unique representation of our values.


Born in Taiwan with extensive buying experience for multi-brands shops. Responsible for high-end male and female apparels and handles orders of more than 100 brands per season.  Eugenie's brand experience is extremely diverse; from Valentino, Chloe to The row, Thom Browne, Victoria Beckham. Such diversity allows Eugenie to understand the different values each brands hold. The desire to understand the industry led her to take on the buyer position right after school. With passions and hard work, Eugenie has gained an extraordinary amount of professional experiences and deep understandings of different brands, Finally she holds on her principles of life, wants to participate some changes to the people and environment, and staying positive by contributing her know-how to general people.  

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Shop Artisanally

Raise Awareness


Artisans compromise on nothing but perfection. Presenting only products of highest quality and brands constantly (search/pursue/chase/after/push) for perfection.


Dress for you and dress for Earth. Carefully selected products for the precious skin and also sustainably selected for the precious earth.

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