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Genie 針對台灣的氣候,挑選了全Baby cashmere wool 作為冬天的基本款衣物,baby cashmere 是全世界最頂級的cashmere, 這些小山羊在氣候嚴峻的內蒙古努力生存,在嚴峻的氣候下,
baby cashmere羊毛是人道方式剪取3-12個月大的小山羊肩膀及側翼的內層毛,一年內,我們只能在一隻羊身上收集到最多250g  baby cashmere,去除掉過粗的纖維,只有100g 能做成纖維織成衣服,這也造就了baby cashmere昂貴的原因。

Himalayan Cashmere 在尼泊爾為當地的觀光及基礎建設造就了許多的供獻,baby cashmere 在有機的天然纖維裡可以是最奢華的享受,使用天然原始未染色的羊毛纖維織成的衣服,直接反映了最天然的溫暖及高貴稀少的baby cashmere 原始的顏色。

Self-taught designer Anne Thomas began to gain recognition for her creative ceramic jewelry in 2005. Based in Lyon, Anne won first prize of The Week of Young Designers competition, organized by Le Printemps. The adventure really began with the success of her corner in the department store.

In 2013, Anne Thomas followed her desire to experiment with a new accessory: feminine footwear, her other guilty pleasure. As lover of flats, it seemed natural for the designer to create a line of masculine feminine classics, inspired by the British style and revisited with a Parisian twist. The first collections met its French public, and even more other countries – USA and Asia – where the French design, the quality of the materials and fabrication are particularly sought after. Today the range has stretched out to pumps and boots with small and medium heels, combining classic and avant-garde.

The year 2017 marks a big change with the opening of two first shops in Paris and Lyon, where a large range of Anne Thomas’ creations, as well as a selection of international designers are available.

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