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Mi Manera 是一個前衛概念的珠寶品牌,創立於泰國,簡單極簡的現代風格混合前衛風格,設計師的靈感來源來自幾何字符和建築輪廓,使用18K 黃金及玫瑰金或是純銀類貴金屬,為傳統珠寶品牌注入一點新血。摩登都會女性戴上飾品除了讓自己更美麗,還能用飾品強調出自己有個性的一面。

MI MANERA, a conceptual jewelry line founded on the collective ideas of luxury-edginess. “Modern Classic with an Edgy Twist” reflects our passion to combine modern and timeless aesthetics for everyday modern women. Inspired by geometrical characters, and architectural silhouettes, our designs revolutionized the traditional sculpted shapes and patterns through modernized contemporary precious metalwork.

MI MANERA jewelry commits to impeccable craftsmanship. Each piece is dedicatedly handcrafted by experienced goldsmiths from our conceptual daring production studio. Fusing together cutting edge technology with tradition-rich artistry passed through generations. MI MANERA designs challenge the common perception of modern classicism jewelry, while offering beauty between different eras in the jewelry creations.

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